KLG Romania

International Distribution. To and from all European countries.

With our own fleet of reliable partners, we have daily international road transport from and to over 30 European countries, including between the Netherlands, Belgium, France and northern Spain. Multiple times a week we depart to and from all European countries. To and from most countries on a daily basis or several times a day. 

The highly qualified partners also have their own fleet of vehicles and all other logistics activities which ensure that together we can offer a reliable distribution network in all European countries. 

We have strong relationships with our partners. They have made a positive contribution to the growth of KLG Europe. Also in the future, together with our partners, we will ensure the continuity of our logistics services and of your supply chain. 


EDI Integration

Just in Time supply chain

Web Portal

Hub & Spoke DIstribution

Key Account for VIP clients

Single point of contact

Fixed-price contract

High Value / High Risk Transport

Do your goods need extra attention when it comes to transport safety? Then take advantage of our High Value/High Risk service. We offer our customers a security network with a focus on high value and theft sensitive goods.

  • Risk management
  • Experienced trained drivers
  • High value box trailers
  • GPS system
  • Certified locks
  • Secured parking lots


You can follow your delivery via our track & trace system. With one click you can see the status of your transport. Nice and clear. Request a free quote.