KLG Romania

Deliveries from A to TEN

  • We deliver (almost) everything. From cement to stoves.
  • Directly from your warehouse, or ideally ours, to the customer’s door.
  • In 4.2 m long cars, with teams formed of 2 people.

The power of delivering everything, everywhere.

Strongo is a delivery service for oversized products launched by KLG Romania, targeting online and physical stores that aim to provide transportation services at the highest standards and balanced costs.

  • We take care of everything that follows after taking the products from the warehouse.
  • We set the date, time and place of the delivery with your customer.
  • We keep you updated with every delivery stage.
  • We deliver the goods in perfect safety, so that the customer is always happy. Happy customer, happy life.

What are your benefits?

  • We are right beside you every step of the way.
  • We deliver the products on time at the latest, but sometimes even earlier. That’s if anyone’s at home.
  • We deliver the products even at the 10th floor. Sometimes even higher but also in the basements.
  • We even take care of the packages, that if you want to offer this service.
  • And if you offer the Buy Back service, we can also help you with taking the older products.

What are your customers’ benefits?

  • We come prepared with everything that we need, from team to equipment. They just need to be at the address.
  • We deliver the product exactly where they need it. 
  • We deliver the products in perfect safety so that the unboxing is always surprisingly pleasant.
  • Our teams has a lot of muscles but also a lot of common sense. The interaction is always pleasant.
  • And if you want to let them open their packages, we’ll take care of the waste.

Technical specifications

  • We deliver only ambiental goods, not temperature-controlled ones.
  • Our cars are 4.2 meters long and we deliver (almost) anything that fits in them. That only because we have a weight limit.