KLG Romania


Who are we

We are KLG.

Your logistics and transport service provider.

Our vision?

Be better!

One Team. One Experience. One Customer Centric Solution.

Our mission?

We continue to develop our solution that integrates all the supply chain services, focusing on enhancing to our customers easy access to information, a solution that is both efficient and “one click away”.

We are creating a working environment, our playground, which is trustworthy, responsible, optimistic and full of passionate people. A place where we can become better, more creative and responsible.

Our values


Our success is your success.

Only by working together we can fulfill our mission to provide you high-quality services, that meet your requirements and operational dynamics.


Trust is the foundation upon which we build successful relationships.

We always keep our word. We deliver what we promise and promise only what we can achieve. Always.


We are responsible to you, to our team and to the community in which we operate.

We promote integrity, ethics and responsible decision-making, which helps us develop trusted relationships with all those involved in our activities.


Optimism is the driving force that inspires us to overcome any challenge and reach our goals.

It motivates us to find solutions, overcome obstacles and fulfill our mission of becoming better.


Our passion fuels us to excel in what we do, to innovate and to achieve remarkable things.

It represents that energy and dedication to the work we engage in, which motivates us to put in the necessary effort to achieve outstanding results.